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Monday, November 3, 2008

You're A Womanizer

We have all witnessed how the pop princess Britney Spears evolved from being a sweet schoolgirl to being sexy. She had a successful career but she suddenly walked on the, I should say, the wrong path in her life.

There are a lot of things that had happened in her life in the previous years. Marriage, divorce, non-stop partying, rehab, custody battle, the head-shaving incident, and who would forget about the private part exposure that left a lot of men drooling with great desire, and some with a raised eyebrow.

Despite all this events in her life, Britney still managed to have her comeback. Like the 2008 Video Music Award wherein she won three awards; Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, and Video of the Year for “Piece of Me”. She also confirmed in a radio station in New York that she will be having a world tour.

Last September 26, 2008 her new single “Womanizer” was heard on the radio. The said title is part of her new album called “Circus” which will be released on December 2. Last October 15 “Womanizer” jumped from number 96 spot to number 1 spot in the billboard hot 100. It also became number 1 in itunes top downloads in less than 24 hrs. from the time it was released, amazing isn’t it?

The director of the music video for“Womanizer” John Kahn has already worked with Britney for her previous videos like “Toxic” and “Stronger”. This gives them an edge because they have already work together in previous projects. According to the website world of Britney, in an interview with the director, Joseph Kahn said (referring to the video “Womanizer”) ” i did not see it as a direct sequel but a 2008 answer to toxic”.

When i finally watched the video, I was really impressed to see her finally doing what she does best. My friends also told how they like the new video and the song was still stuck in their heads.. “Britney is back” that’s what they tell me, I just tell them that “she was never gone”. I personally think that if Britney will continue what she is doing right now, she will definitely live the life she once had.


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