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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good Paying PTC Sites

Personally I never trusted any ptc sites because at first i thought it was all a scam. But as i learned from everyday immersion on the internet, there were literally hundreds of pay-to-click sites out there. It came upon me that these hundreds of ptc sites could not have been a scam trying to fool millions of internet users all at the same time.. well some of them have.

I tried a couple of them and as i have expected, I got bored from endless clicking from one ad to another. If you consider the amount they pay you per click you WILL really get tired of doing the same thing over and over. Almost all sites that I have encountered, they pay $0.01 per click. In that rate i thought it will take me maybe a month to reach the minimum cash out. But good thing you can refer someone so you can double your income.

Since i have a lot of free time, i just went along and do my clicking everyday. I dont do referrals that's why it took me ages to reach the minimum cash out which is $10, not to mention the days i missed clicking those ads.

And then.. the day i have been waiting for came. Its cash out time. What a glorious day. After all the clicking and waiting for 30 seconds, its payday! I cash out my earnings, i got 10 bucks from my first PTC. And after 2 days i cash out my earnings from my second PTC site, i got 5 bucks. I told myself wow this is for real! I have 15 bucks in my alertpay account. Now its time to withdraw the cash! I logged in to my alertpay account trying to savor the moment of my first earning on the internet... but as im trying to withdraw my money.. i felt the whole world came crashing down on me.. .. I DON'T HAVE A CREDIT CARD!!! My dad wont let me borrow his.. but with some persuasion, he let me borrow it.

Lesson to be learned: Get a credit card!!

For those who are new to pay-to-click here are some good sites you can trust:

TakeTheGlobe - Lots of ads to click. Cash out minimun is $10

Bux3 - $0.01 per ad click. Minimum payout is $10.You will receive $0.05 just for sining up.

Earn3 - $0.0125 per ad click. Minimum payout is $3.00

Adbux - The number one trusted site for bux

Neobux - $0.02 per ad click.

These are just some of the sites I'm using. There are hundreds of them out there, choose the site you can trust. Not all PTC's are legitimate.


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